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Before During And After Diving Tips That Can Save Your Life


  • Prepare your body and be fit. Having a healthy body is important for those who want to try diving, because even a seemingly simple cold can actually cause problems for you underwater.
  • Sign up with a reputable diving school. Not only does this guarantee that you’ll get the best training, it also comes with equipment and boats that are in good condition all the time, as well as experienced staff.
  • Do not deviate from the dive plan. The instructor has probably formed one to make sure the dive is successful, so keep his instructions in mind. This is for your safety anyway.
  • You can never be too sure, so always check your equipment before every dive, even if they’re just new or just had them serviced.
  • Do the buddy check. Sometimes even if you have seemed to check everything, you still miss something that another person can spot right away.
  • Buy diving insurance and travel insurance at We do not wish for anything to happen but there’s nothing wrong with getting insurance to get you covered above and below water just in case.



  • Breathe normally. While it’s natural to hold your breath when you’re free swimming, you don’t have to do that when diving. You’ll have your oxygen tank to let you breath underwater.
  • The change of pressure can injure your inner ear, so equalizing often as you descend is vital.
  • Stay with your buddy or guide throughout the dive to ensure safety. In case you lose track of them, look for them for about a minute, after that if you still can’t locate them slowly ascend. They would do the same thing in that situation.
  • Keep track of your air consumption. You might miscalculate the amount you need to ascend so don’t wait until your almost out before you resurface.
  • Know your depth limit and stay within it. Diving insurance have a 40 meters limit for divers, you go over that and you get invalidated.
  • It’s not a race so you don’t have to go too fast. Besides you’ll be able to see more the slower you go.
  • As much as possible, do not touch anything. You might damage the corals reels if you do and hurt yourself too since most of them are sharp.
  • Ascend slowly all the time. This way you prevent nitrogen from penetrating your bloodstream and cause decompression sickness.



  • Store your gear properly. You don’t want it to get damaged or cause damage to you or the others if anyone happens to trip over it.
  • Debrief with your buddy and guide. This may help improve your experience and skills next time you go for a dive.
  • Don’t try to brush it off if you feel strange. Tell your guide how you feel so he may help you right away in case something is wrong.
  • Wait for at least a day before you dive again. This is how long it takes for the nitrogen to dissipate.



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Why People Love Sportswear

imagesIt’s Trendy

You’ve probably seen yoga pants being worn as pants everywhere today, as well as jersey shirt and shorts being donned as everyday clothes, but that’s not just how sportswear has become trendy. In fact, even some big names in the fashion industry such as Stella McCartney, Chanel and Dior, and Alexander Wang have either designed or launched an entire collection of sportswear at some point.

Celebrities Are Being Involved

We know that athletes are common choice for those sportswear brands who wants to advertise their brand. But nowadays, even celebrities have jump into the bandwagon. Beyonce has her active wear collection for TopShop, Rihanna signed on as Puma’s Women’s Creative Director, and Kanye West Yeezy Boost range for Adidas have become a hit.

Sports Brands Have Their Eyes On Female Customers

Since female sports team like England rugby team’s World Cup win and the US’s female footballers taking the FIFA World Cup have been bringing home the bacon, more and more sportswear brands are eyeing female customers more. Prominent ad campaigns like This Girl Can and Like A Girl proves that.

Because Why Not?

They’re made with comfort in mind and they’re hip, so no wonder people likes wearing them even when they’re not working out. So, it’s also shouldn’t come as a surprise if people likes to purchase custom shirts for their sportswear from

It Has Become Easier To Workout

Because different workout crazes like CrossFit and Soul Cycle, as well as people’s habit of putting up pictures of their gym workouts on their social media accounts, more and more people have become inspired to be fit. Not only that, the idea of being seen and photograph wearing sportswear seemed cool all of a sudden.


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5 Doctors We Should All Have On Speed Dial

Taking care of ourselves couldn’t be more important especially since it’s a new year. So with this in mind maybe you should invest a little more time in yourself and your personal health. Though there is plenty you can do by yourself it is important that you keep in touch with nearby doctors or at least have regular check-ups. But whom exactly should you see?


Like the rest of our bodies our teeth are entirely fragile, we have to ensure to take great care of them as once the damage is done it is too late. There are also often hidden health risks, which is why it is important to meet with your dentist regularly.

Healthy woman teeth and a dentist mouth mirror


Since we are on our feet everyday we can often run into troubles and health risks however these health risks are amplified seeming as we cannot just simply get off our feet. Before you run into any pain then visit City Chiroprody.2014-04-25-Walking_JR_604


People often don’t realise that the skin is the human’s largest organ. Our skin sees exposure to everything and anything on a day to day basis so it is a good idea to regularly see a dermatologist just to check that anything is in shape. Also a dermatologist will be able to provide some great advice on the upkeep and health of your skin.4_Possible_Lies_That_Your_Dermatologist_Tells_You-1


All of us work hard and sometimes our body sees the direct effects. A chiropractor’s job is often questioned, what exactly can a chiropractor offer you? Chiropractors specialise in any spinal problems. This means that all those long days slouched over at the office or in front of the tv can be undone with the help of a chiropractor.chiropractor


Mental health is highly underrated when it comes to general health and in fact is an extremely important part of your body. You should at least consider visiting a psychiatrist at some point as often stress can build up and lead to you facing an unhealthy lifestyle.

Man lying on a sofa while with therapist making notes





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