slider1testNo doubt that zorbing is gaining popularity day by day from its initial adaptation back in 90s. Today, there are so many zorbing companies offering different services and supplements to double your fun. Although the big plastic ball keeps you safe from colliding and bumping into each other directly, still it has some downside that might be risky.

So here are few best practices to keep yourself on safe side and enjoy different zorbing activities with your friends or family members. Or if you aren’t sure visit and they’ll gladly help you out.

Keep Your Speed Slow:

As mentioned earlier, zorbing is a quite fun activity but can be a little risky if precautions are not taken carefully. The best way to keep yourself safe is not running or walking very fast. This is because while running on a sloppy pathway might put yourself in danger of getting hit with something hard in way.

Even after having inflatable bag around your upper body, you still need to be a little slow on the pitch. It is advised not to run as fast as you might lose your balance and fell down badly.

Cover Your Shoulders:

The zorbing bag has straps for you to wear on your shoulders. So you need to make sure that you’re not wearing anything like sleeveless shirts because it might injure your shoulders. Zorbing suit does have the safety element in it but as you fell down or rollover your body resists against the earth that might give you rashes and bruises on your shoulders due to pressure.

Wear a nice and comfortable shirt to cover your shoulders well. And try wearing a pad underneath the straps to stay away from any possible injuries during your zorbing activity especially when you roll down on the floor.

Avoid Forceful Contact With Each Other:

Another very useful precaution that you need to adopt is avoiding hitting your opponents with too much force. I mean, it might look cool to you seeing someone else rolling on the floor with a forceful hit. But it is not a very nice experience always and can prove a little risky. So try not to do that intentionally or unintentionally.

In the same way, you should be careful while you’re on the pitch playing different zorbing games with your friends or zorb team whatsoever. Just be as much careful as you could before you develop any serious injury on the pitch.

Avoid Wearing Zorb Suits If Feeling Panicked:

Another very common sign that you should not play this game is if you’re panicked for any reason. Usually, the suit covers your upper body including your face to keep you safe. But it might feel suffocating inside the suit for those having some phobia of thin places. So if you or your child has a relevant symptom then you need to leave this idea beforehand instead of trying and repenting alter.

Check Zorbing Suit Beforehand:

Whenever you go to play zorb games, always make sure you check the suit before jumping inside the pitch. See if it’s okay and has less chances to burst out during the play. Your safety is in your hands first so make sure you go through each and every precaution you could think of to stay safe.

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