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How My Dentist Made Me A Better Salesperson

You might be thinking how I can afford me being a good salesperson to my dentist. Well, we all do jobs to earn just not money but also appraisals and a good service reputation in our respective fields. While in service we all need to be self confidant and exude that confidence through our work to impress the severity of the certain issue and get the work done. Well, this can be quite a nightmarish part of working if you lack that confidence or due to some issue you cannot exude the same for better work results.

The Problems I Faced

Like any other individual I go about my job daily but on another note my job is different from the most. I am a salesperson and my work required me to go out to different localities, promote and sell the products. This job not only required good communication skills but also a perfect and flawless appearance. Most of my earning depended upon the target of sales that I achieved and an incentive if I could sell more than the given target. Obvious to reasons i would try and sell more than the given target for that extra bit of bonus.

Due to hectic schedules neither could I take proper dental care nor had the time to have a healthy diet and soon afterwards I started suffering from various dental issues starting from bad breath to tooth ache and gumballs, yellowing of teeth and more. As my job required me to smile and talk for hours the reaction on the face of the people would deter me from explaining about my product. Slowly it ate into my confidence and sometimes my calls at the doors went unanswered or more than ignored. This made me feel quite depressed and in no time my service records were affected.

My Dentist Changed Me

After days of dilemma I finally decided to consult a dentist. My friend recommended me The Wellington Clinic and I decided to check this out. To my amazement the treatment I received was way beyond my expectations and my dentist not only listened to my problems patiently but also stood by me and boosted my confidence. He emphasised on the importance of dental care and how a simple smile could work wonders. After my treatment, I resumed my work and in no time with cure dental problems I got back my confidence. I would smile and talk confidently without worrying about yellowing teeth or bad breath. My speech improved a lot as the tooth ache was gone and I even received compliments on my smile.

Soaring Confidence

As my confidence soared so did my work records. Start Smiling has indeed helped to get my confidence and my zeal to work back from broken pieces. So yes I would attribute my dentist for helping me to become a better sales person.


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The process of waxing and the reasons to go for it


Waxing is one of the easiest way to remove unwanted hairs from various parts of your body. It can be done by both men and women, and it is a lot better than using trimmers, which are used by both men and women. Questions might come in your mind, why to go for waxing instead of trimmers.


Waxing is a process of applying a cream in that part of your body, where you want to remove the hairs. Once you apply the cream, it will be easier for you to remove the hairs from that part of your body, without any pain. You can understand that the process is quite convenient, and that is the reason behind its immense popularity.

Use of trimmers

When you are thinking of using trimmers, you are actually thinking of using a kind of blade in order to remove the hairs from your body. Thus you can easily understand that the process is a little dangerous, though not very dangerous, as the blades are not sharp enough to hurt you. In case of trimmers, there are 2 blades running along an axis, and the hairs coming in between them gets trimmed off, and that is a process, how the process of trimming work.

Laser hair removal

Another great way, which is quite new nowadays is the process of hair removal using laser beam. In the process, here will be removed from various parts of your body by projecting a laser beam on them. The process is nonimpact, and by far one of the best ways of hair removal, and it is a lot better than waxing, if you want that hairs get removed from your body, while you are sleeping, or taking some rest. But even after everything, a lot of people go behind waxing, as there are a number of advantages, which waxing can only provide.

Con of laser hair removal

In order to carry out the process of waxing, you what you only need is a waxing cream, which will be applied on that part of your body, where you want to remove the hairs. Thus, the process is quite easy, and you can easily do it at home, and the time taken by you will be less than 30 minutes, in most of the cases. But in case of laser hair removal, you cannot do that at home, and it will take a minimum of 1 hour, though it is a subject to vary.

Con of trimmers

In case of trimmers, you can easily trim off hairs from your body, but you can find very little hairs still available on your skin, as they are not removable with the help of trimmers. Though the hair that the left will be very small, but it will be noticeable, if it is any exposed part of the body. In case of waxing, all the hairs get removed from that part of your body, and it would seem that hairs where never present in that part of your body. Thus the process of waxing is not only convenient, but it is quite clean as well.

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