pg-4-brain-pacemaker-alamyIn every field of life, the mind plays an important role for a person’s success. Even people who are in the field which require more physical activities, their mind can still affect the efficiency and quality of their performance. As such, everybody desire to have a healthy mind. When it comes to maintaining a healthy mind, only a few people were able to achieve such state. Here are some ways they share about achieving a healthier mind.

  1. Exercise – The main supply of energy throughout the body is oxygen-rich blood and the mind is no exception. And out of all the activities available, exercise provides the best way to circulate oxygen-rich blood.
  2. Proper eating habits – Not everyone are following proper eating habits. However, proper eating habits will provide the sufficient nutrients that for the mind to properly function while minimize brain cells deterioration.
  3. Proper sleep – Sleep is the best way to give the body a chance to heal and charge up. With proper sleep, the mind can also be at ease and prepare for the next day. Sleep is also one of the best way to relieve stress and pressure from your mind.
  4. Meditation – Though sleep can keep your mind healthy, meditation is an active way to eliminate stress and anxiety. It is a way to hit the reset button when the mind needs it. The best advantage of meditation over sleep is it only requires less than an hour for the mind to be fresh again.
  5. Reflection – Allowing the mind to think of many things especially without purpose is not a good thing. Giving yourself some time for reflection will allow your mind to evaluate its performance and the chance to get back on track to achieve your goals.
  6. Focus on strength – By focusing on your strength, it minimize the strain on your mind since you have the confidence on what you are thinking or doing thus avoiding unnecessary pressure which is detrimental to the mind.
  7. Self-affirmation – Boosting your self-esteem is a way to improve your mind and overall performance. Self-affirmation is a great way of boosting your self-esteem by acknowledging your self-worth.
  8. Manage emotions – Emotions can greatly affect the state of mind. By managing the emotions, the outside pressure on your mind is limited. Successful individuals with healthy minds take it to the extreme by altering their emotion to provide positive effects on their minds.
  9. Self-awareness – Self-awareness is a way to evaluate how you react to different emotions. This can allow you to improve how you interact with other people and avoid emotional outbursts which can become a deal breaker and hinder your success.
  10. Healthy relationships – A healthy relationship is a way to supplement your mind and determination which will drive you to achieve success in life.
  11. Hobbies- Having a hobby such as taking part in trumpet lessons in london by Teach Tutti will help keep your mind active.

There are many training programs or seminars such as neuro linguistic programming with Toby and Kate which provide opportunities for people to evaluate their state of mind and the means to achieve a healthier mind.


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