imagesIt’s Trendy

You’ve probably seen yoga pants being worn as pants everywhere today, as well as jersey shirt and shorts being donned as everyday clothes, but that’s not just how sportswear has become trendy. In fact, even some big names in the fashion industry such as Stella McCartney, Chanel and Dior, and Alexander Wang have either designed or launched an entire collection of sportswear at some point.

Celebrities Are Being Involved

We know that athletes are common choice for those sportswear brands who wants to advertise their brand. But nowadays, even celebrities have jump into the bandwagon. Beyonce has her active wear collection for TopShop, Rihanna signed on as Puma’s Women’s Creative Director, and Kanye West Yeezy Boost range for Adidas have become a hit.

Sports Brands Have Their Eyes On Female Customers

Since female sports team like England rugby team’s World Cup win and the US’s female footballers taking the FIFA World Cup have been bringing home the bacon, more and more sportswear brands are eyeing female customers more. Prominent ad campaigns like This Girl Can and Like A Girl proves that.

Because Why Not?

They’re made with comfort in mind and they’re hip, so no wonder people likes wearing them even when they’re not working out. So, it’s also shouldn’t come as a surprise if people likes to purchase custom shirts for their sportswear from

It Has Become Easier To Workout

Because different workout crazes like CrossFit and Soul Cycle, as well as people’s habit of putting up pictures of their gym workouts on their social media accounts, more and more people have become inspired to be fit. Not only that, the idea of being seen and photograph wearing sportswear seemed cool all of a sudden.


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