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What is shingles?



Shingles is a common condition which is thought to be experienced by around one in four people and it is caused by the virus which also creates chickenpox – varicella-zoster. The virus causes an infection in a nerve and the surrounding skin, creating a painful area and a rash which turns into blisters.

The rash can look very similar to chickenpox but the appearance of the blisters is what makes shingles different. The blisters can continue to appear for around a week but then they will start to dry out and eventually form scabs.

The area where the rash and blisters occur will also be painful, with potentially a constant burning sensation which can be severe in some cases. The skin around the area will also be very tender to touch.

Sometimes other symptoms are experienced before the rash and pain develop. These include headache, fever, feeling unwell and tingling or itchy skin in the area where the rash later develops. Shingles will generally last 2-4 weeks and will only ever affect an area on one side of your body.

Shingles can appear in any area of the body, but it is most commonly experienced on the chest or abdomen areas generally. It is not a serious condition largely but you should see your GP to get the diagnosis confirmed and they can then treat you to help reduce the symptoms and alleviate pain.


Dealing with shingles pain

Shingles can cause moderate to severe pain so when you see your GP you will need to explain the pain level you are experiencing so that they can best decide which type of pain relief would be most appropriate.

If over the counter painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen haven’t helped to relieve your symptoms, they might be able to prescribe a stronger pain killer such as Dihydrocodeine which is an opioid medication used for short-term pain relief. It works by interacting with the brain’s pain receptors helping to reduce the feeling of pain.


Seeking medical advice

It is very rare for a shingles case to need to be referred to a hospital but if your GP has any concerns about you developing potential complications, then they will refer you. Potential complications from shingles include meningitis or encephalitis, and if you have shingles in your eyes you could develop vision problems permanently.

If shingles is remaining with you persistently and not responding to treatment, they will send you to the hospital, or if you have had it twice. They will also admit you if you have a reduced immune system or if you are pregnant.


What causes shingles?

It is caused by the same virus as chickenpox so if you have this as a child the virus can remain dormant in your system and then reactivate later in adult life as shingles. It is very rare to get the condition more than twice. It is thought it reactivates due to a weakened immunity caused by your age, stress, or other health conditions.


Can I catch shingles from someone else?

You cannot catch shingles from someone who has shingles.

You cannot catch shingles from someone with chickenpox.

However, if you have never had chickenpox, it is possible, but rare, that you can catch the chickenpox virus from being in contact with a shingles patient. If you were to touch the blisters then you could contract chickenpox from the virus.

Chickenpox has potentially dangerous implications for certain types of people, so if you do have shingles, you should stay away from pregnant women, young babies and people with weakened immune systems as they could potentially catch chickenpox from your shingles virus. Make sure you don’t share clothing, towels or other contact with materials, and stay off work, school or college until you are recovered.


What are the complications from shingles?

There are rare but potential complications from shingles – usually only experienced in the elderly or those with a reduced immunity. Postherpetic neuralgia is one complication, when the severe pain continues for months after the rash disappears. There is a potential vaccine available on the NHS to people over 70 for this reason.

It is also possible to get shingles in your eyes, which can cause problems with your vision and requires medical treatment to prevent permanent vision issues.

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How My Dentist Made Me A Better Salesperson

You might be thinking how I can afford me being a good salesperson to my dentist. Well, we all do jobs to earn just not money but also appraisals and a good service reputation in our respective fields. While in service we all need to be self confidant and exude that confidence through our work to impress the severity of the certain issue and get the work done. Well, this can be quite a nightmarish part of working if you lack that confidence or due to some issue you cannot exude the same for better work results.

The Problems I Faced

Like any other individual I go about my job daily but on another note my job is different from the most. I am a salesperson and my work required me to go out to different localities, promote and sell the products. This job not only required good communication skills but also a perfect and flawless appearance. Most of my earning depended upon the target of sales that I achieved and an incentive if I could sell more than the given target. Obvious to reasons i would try and sell more than the given target for that extra bit of bonus.

Due to hectic schedules neither could I take proper dental care nor had the time to have a healthy diet and soon afterwards I started suffering from various dental issues starting from bad breath to tooth ache and gumballs, yellowing of teeth and more. As my job required me to smile and talk for hours the reaction on the face of the people would deter me from explaining about my product. Slowly it ate into my confidence and sometimes my calls at the doors went unanswered or more than ignored. This made me feel quite depressed and in no time my service records were affected.

My Dentist Changed Me

After days of dilemma I finally decided to consult a dentist. My friend recommended me The Wellington Clinic and I decided to check this out. To my amazement the treatment I received was way beyond my expectations and my dentist not only listened to my problems patiently but also stood by me and boosted my confidence. He emphasised on the importance of dental care and how a simple smile could work wonders. After my treatment, I resumed my work and in no time with cure dental problems I got back my confidence. I would smile and talk confidently without worrying about yellowing teeth or bad breath. My speech improved a lot as the tooth ache was gone and I even received compliments on my smile.

Soaring Confidence

As my confidence soared so did my work records. Start Smiling has indeed helped to get my confidence and my zeal to work back from broken pieces. So yes I would attribute my dentist for helping me to become a better sales person.


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The process of waxing and the reasons to go for it


Waxing is one of the easiest way to remove unwanted hairs from various parts of your body. It can be done by both men and women, and it is a lot better than using trimmers, which are used by both men and women. Questions might come in your mind, why to go for waxing instead of trimmers.


Waxing is a process of applying a cream in that part of your body, where you want to remove the hairs. Once you apply the cream, it will be easier for you to remove the hairs from that part of your body, without any pain. You can understand that the process is quite convenient, and that is the reason behind its immense popularity.

Use of trimmers

When you are thinking of using trimmers, you are actually thinking of using a kind of blade in order to remove the hairs from your body. Thus you can easily understand that the process is a little dangerous, though not very dangerous, as the blades are not sharp enough to hurt you. In case of trimmers, there are 2 blades running along an axis, and the hairs coming in between them gets trimmed off, and that is a process, how the process of trimming work.

Laser hair removal

Another great way, which is quite new nowadays is the process of hair removal using laser beam. In the process, here will be removed from various parts of your body by projecting a laser beam on them. The process is nonimpact, and by far one of the best ways of hair removal, and it is a lot better than waxing, if you want that hairs get removed from your body, while you are sleeping, or taking some rest. But even after everything, a lot of people go behind waxing, as there are a number of advantages, which waxing can only provide.

Con of laser hair removal

In order to carry out the process of waxing, you what you only need is a waxing cream, which will be applied on that part of your body, where you want to remove the hairs. Thus, the process is quite easy, and you can easily do it at home, and the time taken by you will be less than 30 minutes, in most of the cases. But in case of laser hair removal, you cannot do that at home, and it will take a minimum of 1 hour, though it is a subject to vary.

Con of trimmers

In case of trimmers, you can easily trim off hairs from your body, but you can find very little hairs still available on your skin, as they are not removable with the help of trimmers. Though the hair that the left will be very small, but it will be noticeable, if it is any exposed part of the body. In case of waxing, all the hairs get removed from that part of your body, and it would seem that hairs where never present in that part of your body. Thus the process of waxing is not only convenient, but it is quite clean as well.

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What do Health practitioner say about vaping?


Vaping is not new to all people across the globe. In fact, in the United Kingdom, there is an estimated number of 2.6 million people who use it on a yearly basis. The given number of users in the country is quite high; this could mean that more people switch from the harmful, traditional cigarette smoking to the safe and modern way of smoking using e-cigarettes.

Now, the very basic reason why these individuals prefer e-cigarettes from Tank Puffin is the claim that it is the safest alternative to smoking which is quite true. Of course, because of marketing purposes, the manufacturers of the electronic cigarettes are claiming that it is harmless; harmless in the sense that unlike the regular cigarettes, their products contain minute amount of chemicals that can harm the body. In addition to this, vaping is a great option to gradually withdraw from nicotine and quitting smoking. Accordingly, a consumer can choose the dosage of nicotine in their juices. It range from zero to higher levels of nicotine so it is basically up to the consumer.

However, even though vaping is considered having the lesser evil than cigarette smoking, there is a growing debate which took over in the recent years that contradicts the claim of its health and safety. Public and private health practitioners have opposed the electronic cigarette industry.

Here is the basic question raised by them:

  • Are they proven effective as a good option to quit smoking?

As it has been mentioned, the main purpose why electronic cigarettes (EC) have been developed is to allow people to continue smoking in a different and less harmful way. Statistics have shown that the majority cause of people’s death is tobacco-related illnesses. Thus, it is the aim of EC to preserve life and well-being.

Yes, they may be effective to help other people to quit smoking but it is never 100% safe. It is because vaping does not free you completely to nicotine. Nicotine is a harmful substance that could cause addiction. This could further damage the cells if taken excessively. Moreover, according to these practitioners, consumers should not assume that they are toxic-free with vaping because the contents of the e-juices have also chemicals in their contents.

  • Because of the rapid growth and popularity of this e-cigarette, many doctors tried to refute it and they further stressed that the amount of vapor used in the body could have similar damages to the body as smoking. To date, they are conducting proper research with regards to the effects of vaping to cell mutations. A study conducted in Harvard University on e-liquids found out that the components of the e-liquid could cause a health condition called popcorn lung. This is a condition that narrows the airways of the lungs. It also damages the organs causing scars and inflammation on its surface.
  • According to doctors, the greatest thing that a smoker can do is to quit completely without using other alternative means to tobacco smoking. Self-discipline and a balanced information of the different quitting methods are the basic and 100% healthy keys to quit smoking successfully without compromising your health.


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5 Doctors We Should All Have On Speed Dial

Taking care of ourselves couldn’t be more important especially since it’s a new year. So with this in mind maybe you should invest a little more time in yourself and your personal health. Though there is plenty you can do by yourself it is important that you keep in touch with nearby doctors or at least have regular check-ups. But whom exactly should you see?


Like the rest of our bodies our teeth are entirely fragile, we have to ensure to take great care of them as once the damage is done it is too late. There are also often hidden health risks, which is why it is important to meet with your dentist regularly.

Healthy woman teeth and a dentist mouth mirror


Since we are on our feet everyday we can often run into troubles and health risks however these health risks are amplified seeming as we cannot just simply get off our feet. Before you run into any pain then visit City Chiroprody.2014-04-25-Walking_JR_604


People often don’t realise that the skin is the human’s largest organ. Our skin sees exposure to everything and anything on a day to day basis so it is a good idea to regularly see a dermatologist just to check that anything is in shape. Also a dermatologist will be able to provide some great advice on the upkeep and health of your skin.4_Possible_Lies_That_Your_Dermatologist_Tells_You-1


All of us work hard and sometimes our body sees the direct effects. A chiropractor’s job is often questioned, what exactly can a chiropractor offer you? Chiropractors specialise in any spinal problems. This means that all those long days slouched over at the office or in front of the tv can be undone with the help of a chiropractor.chiropractor


Mental health is highly underrated when it comes to general health and in fact is an extremely important part of your body. You should at least consider visiting a psychiatrist at some point as often stress can build up and lead to you facing an unhealthy lifestyle.

Man lying on a sofa while with therapist making notes





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Positive Effects Keeping Fit Has On Your Lifestyle

Life can get pretty stressful so everyone needs an output to vent that stress ot ultimately to keep themselves sane. It seems like fitness has become a craze now and really it’s no wonder why because of the highly positive effects that it can have on both your physical and mental health. If you’re wondering what exactly are those positive effects then here they are.

Weight Control

I am always one for promoting body positivity but if you feel like you want to shed a few pounds then regular exercise the way to go. Once you see the results you won’t be able to stop and you’ll be feeling more body positive than ever.WeightLoss

Improves Health Conditions And Fights Diseases

Some people just can’t help the fact that they have a low immune system or that they get sick all the time but there are ways to prevent illness. Regular exercise with Ghost Fitness can keep your blood flowing which helps to flush out any potential toxins that can enter your system.Health-Insurance-and-the-Health-Care-System

Healthy Mind

Exercise can help to improve your mood so if you are feeling down about life pick yourself up and get your blood pumping. Certain chemicals and endorphins are triggered during physical activity, which can alter your mood for the better.670px-Have-a-Healthy-Mind-Step-1

Energy Boost

Some often use the excuse that they are too tired to exercise but truthfully exercising regularly can actually boost your energy levels over a long period of time. This is because the regular exercise will allow for muscle growth and boost your stamina leaving you with feeling of having more energy. Furthermore exercising will make you feel more pumped and ready to take on activities.ul8482bnH07flYj9m9KiZVFQ6Vjhb3TCUIaA2H4vfP-lOgy-263A37WAgqJq09ZOy2AL9FR8XN7bEfM6VyLf=s0

Helps Create A Healthy Sleeping Pattern

In order to build muscle you also need sleep for growth and repair. Regular exercise if you plan it at the right times (once the adrenaline has worn down) will leave your body ready to rest and help you fall asleep a lot quicker.inspirels-sleep-pattern

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