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What do Health practitioner say about vaping?


Vaping is not new to all people across the globe. In fact, in the United Kingdom, there is an estimated number of 2.6 million people who use it on a yearly basis. The given number of users in the country is quite high; this could mean that more people switch from the harmful, traditional cigarette smoking to the safe and modern way of smoking using e-cigarettes.

Now, the very basic reason why these individuals prefer e-cigarettes from Tank Puffin is the claim that it is the safest alternative to smoking which is quite true. Of course, because of marketing purposes, the manufacturers of the electronic cigarettes are claiming that it is harmless; harmless in the sense that unlike the regular cigarettes, their products contain minute amount of chemicals that can harm the body. In addition to this, vaping is a great option to gradually withdraw from nicotine and quitting smoking. Accordingly, a consumer can choose the dosage of nicotine in their juices. It range from zero to higher levels of nicotine so it is basically up to the consumer.

However, even though vaping is considered having the lesser evil than cigarette smoking, there is a growing debate which took over in the recent years that contradicts the claim of its health and safety. Public and private health practitioners have opposed the electronic cigarette industry.

Here is the basic question raised by them:

  • Are they proven effective as a good option to quit smoking?

As it has been mentioned, the main purpose why electronic cigarettes (EC) have been developed is to allow people to continue smoking in a different and less harmful way. Statistics have shown that the majority cause of people’s death is tobacco-related illnesses. Thus, it is the aim of EC to preserve life and well-being.

Yes, they may be effective to help other people to quit smoking but it is never 100% safe. It is because vaping does not free you completely to nicotine. Nicotine is a harmful substance that could cause addiction. This could further damage the cells if taken excessively. Moreover, according to these practitioners, consumers should not assume that they are toxic-free with vaping because the contents of the e-juices have also chemicals in their contents.

  • Because of the rapid growth and popularity of this e-cigarette, many doctors tried to refute it and they further stressed that the amount of vapor used in the body could have similar damages to the body as smoking. To date, they are conducting proper research with regards to the effects of vaping to cell mutations. A study conducted in Harvard University on e-liquids found out that the components of the e-liquid could cause a health condition called popcorn lung. This is a condition that narrows the airways of the lungs. It also damages the organs causing scars and inflammation on its surface.
  • According to doctors, the greatest thing that a smoker can do is to quit completely without using other alternative means to tobacco smoking. Self-discipline and a balanced information of the different quitting methods are the basic and 100% healthy keys to quit smoking successfully without compromising your health.


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5 Doctors We Should All Have On Speed Dial

Taking care of ourselves couldn’t be more important especially since it’s a new year. So with this in mind maybe you should invest a little more time in yourself and your personal health. Though there is plenty you can do by yourself it is important that you keep in touch with nearby doctors or at least have regular check-ups. But whom exactly should you see?


Like the rest of our bodies our teeth are entirely fragile, we have to ensure to take great care of them as once the damage is done it is too late. There are also often hidden health risks, which is why it is important to meet with your dentist regularly.

Healthy woman teeth and a dentist mouth mirror


Since we are on our feet everyday we can often run into troubles and health risks however these health risks are amplified seeming as we cannot just simply get off our feet. Before you run into any pain then visit City Chiroprody.2014-04-25-Walking_JR_604


People often don’t realise that the skin is the human’s largest organ. Our skin sees exposure to everything and anything on a day to day basis so it is a good idea to regularly see a dermatologist just to check that anything is in shape. Also a dermatologist will be able to provide some great advice on the upkeep and health of your skin.4_Possible_Lies_That_Your_Dermatologist_Tells_You-1


All of us work hard and sometimes our body sees the direct effects. A chiropractor’s job is often questioned, what exactly can a chiropractor offer you? Chiropractors specialise in any spinal problems. This means that all those long days slouched over at the office or in front of the tv can be undone with the help of a chiropractor.chiropractor


Mental health is highly underrated when it comes to general health and in fact is an extremely important part of your body. You should at least consider visiting a psychiatrist at some point as often stress can build up and lead to you facing an unhealthy lifestyle.

Man lying on a sofa while with therapist making notes





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Positive Effects Keeping Fit Has On Your Lifestyle

Life can get pretty stressful so everyone needs an output to vent that stress ot ultimately to keep themselves sane. It seems like fitness has become a craze now and really it’s no wonder why because of the highly positive effects that it can have on both your physical and mental health. If you’re wondering what exactly are those positive effects then here they are.

Weight Control

I am always one for promoting body positivity but if you feel like you want to shed a few pounds then regular exercise the way to go. Once you see the results you won’t be able to stop and you’ll be feeling more body positive than ever.WeightLoss

Improves Health Conditions And Fights Diseases

Some people just can’t help the fact that they have a low immune system or that they get sick all the time but there are ways to prevent illness. Regular exercise with Ghost Fitness can keep your blood flowing which helps to flush out any potential toxins that can enter your system.Health-Insurance-and-the-Health-Care-System

Healthy Mind

Exercise can help to improve your mood so if you are feeling down about life pick yourself up and get your blood pumping. Certain chemicals and endorphins are triggered during physical activity, which can alter your mood for the better.670px-Have-a-Healthy-Mind-Step-1

Energy Boost

Some often use the excuse that they are too tired to exercise but truthfully exercising regularly can actually boost your energy levels over a long period of time. This is because the regular exercise will allow for muscle growth and boost your stamina leaving you with feeling of having more energy. Furthermore exercising will make you feel more pumped and ready to take on activities.ul8482bnH07flYj9m9KiZVFQ6Vjhb3TCUIaA2H4vfP-lOgy-263A37WAgqJq09ZOy2AL9FR8XN7bEfM6VyLf=s0

Helps Create A Healthy Sleeping Pattern

In order to build muscle you also need sleep for growth and repair. Regular exercise if you plan it at the right times (once the adrenaline has worn down) will leave your body ready to rest and help you fall asleep a lot quicker.inspirels-sleep-pattern

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