dementiaAs your age progresses, the chances of developing dementia increases. This comes alongside other heath conditions associated with age. Using a dementia clock is an ideal way to assist the elderly and caregivers in creating a reliable routine and keep track of activities that must be accomplished within a certain day and time. Dementia is a condition characterised by anxiety and lack of time recognition. With the clock in place, chances of missing an important appointment, a favorite show, mealtime or bedtime are limited.

What to look for in a dementia clock

A dementia clock from Memory Care Store operates like any other clock, this comes with a few special designs that makes it ideal for use by the elderly. One great feature includes a larger display of date, day and month with easy to read characters. Dates and time displayed on this clock must not contain abbreviations as this might add to the confusion experienced by the patients using the clock.

With the varying products in the market, here are some of the available clocks that are ideal for use by people suffering from dementia:

1. Day clock

This is a specially designed clock that provides information of time of the day as either morning, afternoon or night. Though it does not give the actual time of the day, the clock enables the seniors to recognise the time of the day in the event the chances of light or darkness may appear confusing by appearing earlier or later than usual.

2. DayClox

Designed as a digital clock, dayclox gives a display of date, time and day of the week. It is adjustable to either 12 or 24-hour system depending on the user’s recognition ability. It has a choice to adjust to eight different languages making it a global choice irrespective of geographical language in use.

3. Alzheimer’s Dementia Day Clock

This is not designed like the traditional clocks. In its place, this is an app that requires the use of other devices such as a personal computer or tablet. The app downloaded to the device gives a display of day and the time of the day as either morning, afternoon, evening or night.

4. Day/ Night clock

This is an analog clock that is designed like the traditional clocks. However, it comes with a large display those measures up to 12 inches in diameter hence increasing visibility for the elderly. The time of the day in clear and bold characters is displayed such as morning, afternoon or night with a transition as time progresses. A coloured background gives the elderly better visibility of the display.

5. Thousand clock widgets

Thousand clock widgets is an app that comes with easy customising options. The clock is provided as an app that requires to be set to reflect the needs of the patient. With many designs available, the app gives an opportunity to apply specific settings by a caregiver or the family members to aid the patient in time management.


Among the common characters in dementia patients is anxiety and fear of missing on important issues. Acquiring a dementia clock is one of the best solutions to assist the patients to easily manage time and in such way make life easier.

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